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How To Prevent Spiders in Your Home


While most eight-legged pests are harmless, you probably don’t want to share your home with them. When it comes to preventing spiders in your home, it’s important to consider that spiders prey on smaller pests that are also commonly found in your home. A major aspect of keeping spiders out of your home is to keep the pests they eat out as well. With these handy tips from your neighbors here at Natural State, you can keep your home feeling comfortable and spider-free!

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

  1. Get rid of clutter
  2. Keep surfaces clean
  3. Seal cracks and spaces
  4. Clean up the perimeter of your home
  5. Keep outdoor lights off

Get rid of clutter

Everyone’s guilty of having a bit of clutter around the house, but unfortunately, things like piles of clothes and open boxes of memorabilia can provide excellent places for spiders and other pests to the hideout. If you have unnecessary clutter, consider throwing away or donating what you don’t need. For the things you want to keep, store them in plastic bins with tight lids to seal out pests and avoid unwanted surprises when you step on a pile of things on the floor.

Keep surfaces clean

Especially in the kitchen, keeping clean surfaces is an important aspect of getting a spider-free home. While spiders themselves won’t be attracted to the bits of food left behind on your counters and in your pantry, the pests that they prey on will find their way to leftover scraps of food. Take care to wipe down tables and counters after meals and keep your food stored in sealed containers to reduce pest activity. 

Seal cracks and spaces 

Spiders and other pests can find their way into your home through the smallest of spaces. Take time to inspect both the exterior and interior of your home for small cracks and openings that pests can slip through. Pay special attention to window sills, screens, baseboards, siding, etc. Use a caulking gun to seal up any cracks you find or make any other necessary repairs to reduce open spaces in or around your home. 

Clean up the perimeter of your home 

Preventing spiders doesn’t just entail cleaning the inside of your home. Spiders can hide in vegetation, woodpiles, and under rocks that are located close to your home. Remove plants and debris close to the home to reduce the number of places spiders can easily spin their webs. Don’t let the exterior elements of your home act as a bridge for spiders to sneak inside!

Keep outdoor lights off

Do spiders avoid light? Not necessarily. Spiders can be found near lights because their food is attracted to light. Shut off your exterior lights when not in use. If you need to have them on, consider switching out your incandescent outdoor light bulbs with lighting designed to reduce pest activity, like yellow bug light bulbs, LED lights, or sodium vapor lights. The more unattractive you can make your home to other pests, the better your chances are of keeping spiders out!

Seeing Spiders? Call in a Professional!

By following the steps listed above, you can make your home a little less attractive to eight-legged pests, but there is always a chance that they will find their way in any way. If this is the case, it’s time to call in an expert. At Natural State, we have the experience and treatments needed to help you get rid of spiders and keep them out. 

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