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Our Core Values


Here at Natural State Pest Control, we believe a company’s culture is what sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Any pest control company can kill a bug, but not every company can do so with exceptional customer service. Our culture is very important to us, so we want to share it with our customers as well. Our core values come from the acronym N.A.T.U.R.A.L. and strive to implement these values into our service every day.

  • Nothing Trumps the Customer
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Take Initiative
  • Unselfish Team Player
  • Respect and Value Each Other
  • Always Exceed Expectations
  • Lead By Example

Nothing Trumps the Customer

The Natural State team puts our customers first. We will always listen to, anticipate, and serve our customers’ wants and needs. Additionally, we support and empower all our team members to serve customers every day by being innovative and agile. 

Accept Responsibility

We believe in always accepting full responsibility for our actions and performance. We commit to owning issues and tasks and seeing them through to their completions. We don’t shift blame and always take it upon ourselves to make it right.

Take Initiative

At Natural State, when we see something that needs to be done, we do it. We don’t wait around to be told what to do. We are self-driven to constantly push ourselves forward and do what needs to be done to succeed.

Unselfish Team Player

We value putting others before ourselves.  We strive to do the right thing and make decisions based on what is morally right. We don’t seek out personal gain from what we do and the decisions we make. Instead, we make decisions based on what’s best for others.

Respect and Value Each Other

We always strive to honor the worth of each person. We treat others the way they would want to be treated and we are considerate of each other’s feelings, values, and points of view. We believe the success of a business is built upon quality, positive relationships.

Always Exceed Expectations

We always go the extra mile for customers, co-workers, and the company. At Natural State, we always over-deliver and exceed people’s expectations at everything we do. We go above and beyond for people and do so with enthusiasm. We always strive to WOW people with our outstanding customer service.

Lead By Example

At Natural State, we encourage everyone to be the change they wish to see. We believe in taking care of ourselves, watching what we say, and never gossiping. Additionally, we think managers should listen to their team and the team should respect their managers

Memberships & Associations

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