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Lawn Aeration in Fayetteville

If your lawn is thinning, has bare patches, or looks overall lackluster, our aeration and seeding is the solution for you. Our lawn care technicians undo soil compaction to give your grass room to breathe, allowing it to absorb the nutrients, water, and sunlight it needs to thrive.

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About Our Aeration Service

Heavy rains, foot traffic, and improper maintenance are a few of the stressors your lawn is up against. These stressors lead to compacted soil and thatch buildup, which is a layer of dead grass and other debris. This makes it difficult for grass to grow, resulting in unhappy and unhealthy turf. Knowing how to aerate your lawn in Arkansas is the key to reversing this damage. 

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Our aeration machines remove small plugs of dirt from the ground, then place them back on the surface. This creates necessary air pockets without removing vital nutrients, as the plugs quickly crumble and mesh with the rest of the soil. 

Aeration and seeding makes a huge difference in the appearance of your lawn, with benefits such as:

  • Greater grass health: Grass roots may be underground, but they still need plenty of water, fertilizer and air. Aerating the soil provides channels for these resources to reach the roots.
  • Reduced water runoff: Compacted soil can’t absorb water, resulting in an excess of runoff and standing water. By breaking up the soil, we solve this problem.
  • Stronger roots: Grass has an extensive root system, but the roots can’t grow if the soil is too dense. Aeration gives the roots the space they need.
  • Thicker grass: Aeration gives new grass the space to grow and our seeding services ensure all bare patches are filled in.
  • Increased disease resistance: By improving the overall health of the grass, it becomes more resilient against diseases, as well as pests and drought.

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Leave Lawn Aeration to the Experts

Without the proper equipment and know-how, you can do more harm than good by attempting to aerate your lawn yourself. This includes damaging healthy grass, compromising the root system, and removing too much soil. Rather than guessing at what’s right, trust our expert lawn technicians for aeration in Fayetteville and surrounding areas.

Overseeding to Promote Growth

Like all other living beings, grass doesn’t live forever; old age, lack of nutrients, disease, physical damage, and many other factors can cause it to die. Most residential grasses, such as fescue, don’t seed on their own. That’s why seeding services are so important! We’ll apply grass seed during the growth season to fill in bald patches and give you a luscious lawn

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​We offer pest control and lawn care solutions that provide relief from termites, mosquitoes, and other unwelcome guests. Not sure if we serve your area? Just give us a call! We service areas in and around the Northwest Arkansas area, including:

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From the very beginning Natural State has been incredibly friendly, responsive, and always makes you feel like you’re valued. The notifications and reminders for services are timely, and any interaction with those that perform the service are always pleasant. I didn’t exactly know what I needed to treat for, and felt very much over my head when comparing companies and Natural State definitely made the process an easy one.

Amanda Sanders
5 Star Review

We have used Natural State for several months now and we are super happy with them. They are always extremely responsive, informative and flexible. All of the technicians that have come out are so nice and professional. Thank you J.D., Todd, Cody, Cerrado, Donovan, Tyler, Jasmine and everyone!

Ariana Petrella
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Danny was very polite and explained everything he was going to do. Great interaction!

Amy Neugebauer

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