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Pest Control in Gentry

Roaches scurrying about, ants marching in, wasp nests causing anxiety … sound familiar? If so, we know you never want to have to experience a pest infestation again. Pests can quickly interfere with the comfort and tranquility of your home. Luckily, with Natural State Pest Control, you’ll get peace of mind and tranquility back! Our highly-trained Exterminators will protect your family from:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • And so much more!

Same-Day Exterminators

No one in their right mind would want a pest infestation to linger for days and days. Pests quickly invade your home, with populations growing rapidly in size. The minute you see any tell-tale signs of a pest infestation, it’s time to get our pest control in Gentry services from one of our exterminators!  When you call us before noon, we’ll immediately send a highly skilled technician to your home the same day! With reliable, responsive services, you’ll receive peace and tranquility as quickly as possible!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed - Our We’ll Retreat!

Once a pest infestation is eradicated, we here at Natural State Pest Control, promise pests won’t be back to bug you again! We trust in our long-term protection methods and so should you! In fact, we’re so confident in our advanced, high-quality Gentry pest treatments that we offer free retreatments should you notice any signs of pest activity in between services! If you detect persistent pests, we will return within 24 hours and fix the issue until you are 100% satisfied. When you partner with Natural State Pest Control for Gentry pest control services, you can trust you’re taken care of no matter what. 

Don’t Miss out on $100 Off Pest Control Services

Not only do our pest control plans start at just $39/month -- we also offer recurring special offers! You’ll receive affordable pest control and save huge on our comprehensive pest control packages! 

Right now, we are proudly offering $100 off your first treatment application! Just sign up for that Home Defense Program and redeem this special offer! Benefit from huge savings and a pest-free lifestyle today! 

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Termite Treatment in Gentry, AR

Your home is your biggest investment and we’re here to help protect it! Termites are costly pests that can eat through your home, causing serious structural damage and leaving you with the repair bill. With our Gentry termite treatments, however, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our highly-trained termite exterminators in Gentry will quickly eliminate termites and keep them gone, giving you back the peace of mind you deserve.

Keep Termites Away with Sentricon®

To minimize damage to your home, our termite treatments in Gentry utilize the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology, which quickly and safely eliminates termites from your home. This method is minimally invasive and environmentally-friendly, giving you relief without worry. Here’s how it works:

  • Bait stations are installed in the ground around your property.
  • Termites are drawn to the stations and away from your home.
  • The bait is brought back to the colony and stops the molting process.
  • The entire colony is eliminated from the inside, wiping out every termite.

To provide long-term protection, our Gentry termite control experts will continue to regularly monitor the bait stations. With Natural State Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing termites are kept far away.

Immediate Relief from Local Exterminators

When you need to get rid of termites, look no further than Natural State Pest Control! As a locally owned and operated company, we’re more than just exterminators—we’re your neighbors, too! You can trust us to always go above and beyond to give you the best termite treatments in Gentry. That includes same-day services, so you don’t have to wait to eliminate termites from your home. Just give us a call at 479-755-9889 before noon and we’ll be there in no time!

Bed Bug Exterminators in Gentry, AR

Did you know that an individual bed bug can lay 200 to 250 eggs in her lifetime? Eggs are notoriously found in cracks and crevices, where DIY treatments can rarely reach. Have no fear, Natural State Pest Control offers bed bug treatment in Gentry that will get rid of all living bed bugs, as well as their eggs. Partner with us and you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing we will eliminate the entire infestation and you won’t have to worry about bed bugs returning!

Voted Best Of Northwest Arkansas in 2019

Natural State Pest Control was voted best of Northwest Arkansas in 2019 for our pest control services. With our award-winning services, your home will be bedbug-free in no time. When signing up with us for bed bug treatments in Gentry, you can expect:

  • Thorough bed bug inspections: To create a specific bed bug treatment plan for your needs, our bed bug exterminators will inspect your home for any signs of bed bugs. 
  • Same-day services: Bed bugs invading your home can cause uneasiness. We offer same-day services for your bed bug treatment in Gentry to keep your home safe.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you find bed bugs in your home, our bed bug exterminators will be back to make things right.

Mosquito Exterminators in Gentry, AR

Mosquitoes can quickly turn an afternoon outside into an itchy, uncomfortable mess, but that shouldn't mean you have to hide inside to avoid being bitten. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun. Natural State Pest Control offers same-day, quality mosquito control services in Gentry, giving you the lasting mosquito control you crave for a sun-filled and mosquito-free summer!

Long-Lasting Mosquito Relief For a Summer of Fun

When the mosquitoes come out, it's only natural to reach for the bug spray and citronella candles, but these DIY mosquito control solutions never really seem to get the job done. If you are ready to stop wasting your time on temporary solutions that only offer partial relief, Natural State Pest Control is here to help!

Our award-winning mosquito control services in Gentry are designed to give you long-lasting relief from mosquitoes and the itchy welts they inflict, keeping your yard mosquito-free and ready for fun all summer long! When you partner with us for mosquito control in Gentry, you can expect:

  • comprehensive outdoor mosquito inspection to locate breeding sites and determine the extent of your problem 
  • Standing water removal to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and prevent new mosquitoes from taking over your yard
  • Our QualityPro Certified mosquito exterminators provide monthly treatments during peak mosquito season to keep your yard a no-bite zone

If you call us before noon, we can take care of your mosquito control needs that very day!

Rodent Exterminators in Gentry

Rodents are disruptive pests, and it’s difficult to feel comfortable in your own home when you’re sharing your space with them. Rats and mice contaminate your food, gnaw on your furniture, and pose a health risk to you and your loved ones, making it important to get them out as soon as possible. For reliable rodent control in Gentry, look no further than Natural State Pest Control. Our exterminators will completely eliminate your rodent infestation, making it feel like they were never there to begin with.

Guaranteed Relief from Rodents

Rats and mice can hide deep within your home in hard to reach places, making it difficult to eliminate them on your own. Plus, store-bought treatment methods are often messy, dangerous, and ineffective. Rather than attempt to tackle these stubborn pests on your own, trust our professional rodent control in Gentry. We’ll do all the hard work to safely and effectively remove every rodent from your home.

Our rodent exterminators in Gentry will:

  • Inspect your home from top to bottom, searching for the source of the infestation.
  • Seal off entry points to keep rodents out for good.
  • Humanely trap the rodents in your home, then carefully remove them.
  • Give you our rodent-free guarantee—our job isn’t done until you’re happy with the results!

We also offer same-day rodent control services in Gentry, all you have to do is call us at 479-755-9889 before noon and we’ll be there before you know it!

Mole Control in Gentry

Moles are small mammals that can quickly destroy your yard, covering it in volcano-shaped piles of dirt and unsightly raised ridges that are caused by their underground tunnels. While it’s easy to determine you have moles, it’s not as easy to remove them, which is why mole control in Gentry is a job best left to the professionals.

Mole Treatment Based on Science

Instead of ripping up your yard and causing further damage to your landscaping, our mole control in Gentry relies on non-invasive, scientifically-proven bait that eliminates these pests at their source. We’ll save your yard and eliminate moles, giving you the best of both worlds! Our hassle-free services and friendly technicians make reclaiming your yard a breeze. If you have questions or concerns at any point, all you have to do is ask! Our experts are dedicated to keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

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Great company.

Always communicate when they are going to be out. The treatments work very well.

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Incredible experience working with this family owned business. Took the time to explain everything, gave us tips on pest prevention, were extremely punctual, and extremely professional. Look forward to continued partnership with this company!

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Danny was great! Very professional and informative.

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