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Termite Control in Springdale, AR

For many homeowners in the Springdale area, termites are a common problem. However, unlike other pests in your home, termites can cause serious structural damage to your home, and can cause thousands of dollars in damage in a short amount of time. Our professional termite control in Springdale includes:

  • A completely free, thorough termite inspection
  • The best techniques and products in the industry
  • Individualized treatments for your home’s needs
  • Peace of mind knowing your home is protected for the long-term
  • And more!

It All Starts with a Free Inspection

When you suspect termites in your home, every moment counts. That’s why we are proud to offer timely termite inspections absolutely free, so you can know what you’re dealing with as quickly as possible. Timely inspections mean that we can have answers quickly, minimizing potential damage and saving you time, money, and headaches down the road. 

Get the Best Service from Expert Technicians

Termite extermination isn’t easy, and to get the best results, you want the best technicians in the business. Here at Natural State, our termite control experts are highly-trained to use the latest techniques and most powerful methods to get termite gone quickly and effectively. To eliminate a termite threat at the source, we utilize Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology. With our products and friendly technicians on the case, termites will be heading for the hills!

Trust a Locally-Owned Business with Your Home

Here at Natural State, we are a locally owned and operated business, which means we aren’t just another big name pest control company — we’re your neighbors, too! You can trust us to take care of you like family, and treat your home with the same care and attention to detail as we would our own. We promise to provide you with the best possible service at a price you can afford. We are even offering a special of $100 off of your first termite treatment, making termite control more affordable than ever.

Natural State Pest Control has gone above and beyond to rid my home of pests! They are extremely organized and punctual. Each service person was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend them!!